Moore Memory Consumption

April 8, 2012

Final presentation (16.04.2012)


(Full version)

What I see at the log – it’s a huge peak between 75600 and 75700 events

The problem can be:

  1. in HltSelReports (I don’t know what is the meaning of the warning on the image above)
  2. somewhere inside call chain with LoKi::Hlt1::HelperTool::_create. In this chain a huge memory was allocated.
  3. or I need more statistic (may be after 80000 events the memory will be free)
  4. in google perfomance tools (with lower probability). Now I’m running the same test in debug mode.

(Full version of call chain (pdf))


Top Memory Usage by Function



After 5000 events

After 10000 events:

Call chain

Full version (pdf)


Preliminary results

How to use profiler

Option file